Happy Customers

Here are details of how well my installation has been running.
I have a 3Kw Solar Stand Alone system with 1660AH 48V of storage Batteries and a 3.6Kw Sine Wave inverter. The Solar Panels are mounted on frames on the ground rather than on the roof, as this allowed for placement in a position which had no shading. The batteries and Switchgear are housed in small outdoor sheds. This system has been running for over 3 Years so far, with many more years of expected life. During this time it has enabled me to run my house without any concerns, even during extended periods of wet and overcast weather. The only servicing required has been to top up the water in the batteries once a year. Here is a list of the appliances etcetera used in my home.
Dishwasher - 12 setting - used most days
Refrigerator - 330 Litre
Air Conditioner - 2HP - used during summer hot days, cold winter mornings
Radio/Stereo - used all day
Microwave oven - 800W - used for drinks, cooking, etc.
Espresso Coffee Machine - many cups of coffee per day
Coffee grinder - ditto many cups per day
TV + DVD/Video player + Satellite set top box - used most evenings
Clothes Dryer - Clothes dried mostly on line and finished in dryer if necessary
Computer (laptop) - used extensively for business marking exam papers on the internet
Second Computer Screen + Printer - used with Computer
Satellite Internet + WIFI - used with computer
Coffee Pulper - 2HP - used a few hours per week during coffee picking season
Coffee Hulling/Polishing Machine - 2HP - used a few hours per week all year
Industrial Coffee Grinder - 1HP - used a few hours per week
Electric Blankets - used during cold winter nights
Bread Making Machine - used every now and then
Battery Chargers,Phone Chargers etc. - used whenever necessary
Electric Saws,Saw benches,Drills - used occaisionally
Hot Water Service - 2KW - used if necessary but normally from Solar Water Panels or Slow Combustion Stove
Fan Heater - 2Kw - used minimally but when needed
Currently installing an electric oven for cooking cakes for Market Stalls
Heaps of Lights in Home, Office and Work Sheds - all energy efficient but used with abandon

As you can see, I use a large amount of electric appliances, for home and for business. With the system that Sunsparks has designed and installed for me, I don't have to worry whether I will have power, it is just there for me whenever needed. I have never needed to limit my power useage during inclement weather and have never needed to run a generator. There are never any interruptions to my service as other people get during storms or servicing of supply, and best of all I don't get any power bills. I have been more than happy with the friendly service and quality workmanship from Sunsparks and would not hesitate to reccommend them to others in need of Solar Designs, Supplies and Installations.

David Hall