Who are we?

Sunsparks Electrics was established in 1999 with the ideal of helping create a better society through wise use of resources. It has been a family based company ever since, specialising in the design, sale and installation of renewable energy systems. Our own office was powered by a stand alone (off grid) solar system for over ten years.

Our aim at all times is to install the highest quality systems and give the best possible personal service to our customers. This includes tireless research and training to establish which equipment will be the most efficient, cost effective and reliable in the long term. Like all other consumer items, while all solar panels may look the same on the outside, cheap price means cheap quality. Our experience and know how helps you to find the most suitable gear for your own situation.

Over the years we have succeeded in installing hundreds of reliable renewable energy systems throughout the Northern Rivers region.

Sunsparks Electrics has experienced tradespeople qualified to complete the entire installation for grid connected and remote area power supplies. This includes installing the supply authority metering equipment (usually an extra $350.


Simon Thomas - Sunsparks Electrics

Simon established Sunsparks Electrics in 1999 and has a wide experience in design and installation of renewable energy systems. As director of the company Simon has also been at the forefront of customer relations and the business administration. He is a regular contributor to local newspapers and magazines on various issues including the renewable energy sector.

Simon has been closely involved in numerous volunteer organisations including education, meditation centres and the Rural Fire Service. He loves to travel, play music, spend time with the family and engage in adventure activities.


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